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Welcome to the Math Learning Center.

The Math Learning Center, or MLC for short, was created to help Cabrillo College math students develop the problem solving skills so they have the confidence and ability to solve math problems on their own.

The MLC is open to all Cabrillo College math students. However, Math 4 through 7 students are encouraged to utilize the services at the MESA Transfer Center.

Our Services

We offer free drop-in tutoring for all math classes. Please note that waiting times may be longer for students in specialized and advanced classes such as statistics and finite math. Students can also check out a variety of math-related items such as textbooks, calculators, computer software and a wide selection of learning manipulatives. For a more detailed list, please see the Equipment & Other Aids link at the bottom of this page. Periodic review sessions for upcoming math exams are offered as well. We can also administer make-up math tests to students. However, your instructor must make arrangements through us ahead of time, we cannot give you a make-up exam without prior approval from your instructor.

The first time you visit the MLC, we will need to register you in our central database which is located in the middle of the MLC next to the large row of bookcases. We will need your full name, student identification number and which math classes you are taking. Once you are registered, you will then be able to use the MLC's services by logging into the central computer everytime you visit the MLC. It is very important that you login and logout everytime you visit the MLC÷we keep track of lab usage for funding and statistical purposes which aids us in improving our services.

Questions about the MLC

If you need to register in or database, check out materials, or if you have questions about logging into and out of our database, you can ask any of our many tutors for assistance. For questions about exam review sessions, make-up tests, and all other topics, please ask one of the MLC managers pictured below:

For additional information. contact Ed Braunhut or the MLC Staff.

Contact Information
Math Learning Center
Phone: 831.477.5696
Location Room 1074,
Upstairs behind the library
Department Staff and Faculty DirectoryMap and Directions
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