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Applying to the Honors Program as a Current Cabrillo or other College Student

Application timelines for current Cabrillo students with completed college coursework:

  • Apply for Fall, 2018-April 1 through April 27th

  • Apply for the Spring, 2019 semester October 1st-November 30th. Application is still open ONLY for students to enroll in HIST 21BH or AH 11H for Spring, 2019

Current Cabrillo students must have a 3.3 GPA in at least 6 units of COMPLETED transferable college coursework.

Apply here - on-line APPLICATION >>

Submit any transcripts from other Colleges, AP or IB scores to the address below if not already on file with Cabrillo Admissions and Records. Please use the on-line application linked in the upper-left of this page, include your essay within that application.

The required letter of recommendation may be an e-mail from a Cabrillo faculty member directly to the Honors Director.

If you wish to apply the Honors program in your first semester at Cabrillo and have not yet completed 6 units of transferable college-level coursework, you should provide your high school transcript (unofficial OK), and a letter of recommendation from one of your current Cabrillo instructors - preferably your English instructor (an e-mail send directly to the Honors Director is acceptable). A current, in-progress grade report may also be required at the discretion of the Honors Director.


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