Gifts of Stock & Mutual Funds

Enjoy double tax savings

Gifts of appreciated securities can provide substantial income tax savings. If you have held securities or mutual funds for more than a year, you are allowed to deduct the market value of the securities without paying tax on the appreciation. Please consult your tax advisor for specifics. Remember, do not sell appreciated securities and then donate the proceeds. Transfer the stock to Cabrillo to make full use of the potential tax savings.

If you wish to donate stock or mutual funds that have fallen in value, you should sell the stock at a loss and donate the proceeds. The loss can be used to offset gains, and you can receive the normal charitable deduction for donating the proceeds.

Instructions for Gifts of Stock or Mutual Funds

For your convenience in making a gift of publicly traded shares of stock or mutual funds to the foundation, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Please call your broker and let them know that you want to make a gift of stock/mutual fund shares to the Cabrillo College Foundation. If you don't have a personal broker, please call us at (831) 479-6338 and we will help you get started.
  2. Your broker will want to know the name of the stock/mutual fund and the number of shares you are contributing. In addition, your broker will request the following information.

    Cabrillo College Foundation investment firm: Morgan Stanley
    For stocks:           DTC number: 0015
    For mutual funds: ACAT number: 0015
    Cabrillo College Foundation account number: 838-010573

  3. After you have notified your broker, please contact the Cabrillo College Foundation Executive Director, Eileen Hill at (831) 479-6338 or email Eileen Hill at and provide the following information:
    • the name and telephone number of your broker
    • the name of the stock and number of shares you are contributing
    • the purpose or designation of your gift

Please remember, do not instruct your broker to sell the stock/mutual fund and forward the proceeds to the Cabrillo College Foundation. This will jeopardize the excellent tax benefits you would receive if the college arranges for the disposition of the stock or mutual fund.

The Cabrillo College Foundation will provide a tax receipt for your gift.

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